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At Explainiqy, we specialize in crafting engaging animated explainer videos. With years of experience, our professional team combines video production, animation, and design to create unique and compelling content for you and your company. From skilled writers to talented voiceover artists and visionary designers, we're here to bring your ideas to life. Let us simplify the process and elevate your message with our expertise. Welcome to Explainer Video Experts – where your story becomes unforgettable.

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We Provide Excellent Explainer Videos

Custom Script writing

Our team of experienced copywriters will craft a compelling script that effectively communicates your message and captivates your audience.

Professional Animation

Utilizing cutting-edge animation techniques, we bring your ideas to life with visually stunning graphics and captivating visuals.

Seamless Editing

Our editing team works diligently to fine-tune your video, ensuring a polished final product that aligns with your brand and objectives.

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Six Reasons For People Choosing Us

Exceptional Quality

Our commitment to excellence shines through in every aspect of our work, from scriptwriting to animation, resulting in videos that exceed industry standards.

Innovative Approach

We continuously explore new techniques and technologies to ensure your videos stand out in today's competitive landscape.

Expert Team

Our skilled professionals are dedicated to exceeding your expectations and bringing your vision to life.

Tailored Solutions:

We understand the importance of personalized attention and deliver videos that showcase your unique brand identity.

Customer-Centric Focus

Your satisfaction is our priority, and we strive to provide a seamless experience from initial consultation to final delivery, keeping you informed and involved every step of the way.

Proven Results

With a track record of success, we have helped countless businesses achieve their goals through impactful explainer videos.

People Say The Nicest Things

.Explore glowing testimonials and positive feedback from satisfied clients who have experienced the excellence of our agency's services

Jeniffer Smith

Sales Manager

Explainiqy consistently delivers outstanding quality with their videos. Their attention to detail and commitment to excellence shine through in every project. We’ve seen a significant increase in audience engagement and brand awareness since partnering with them.

Pamela Duncan

Marketing Director

Explainiqy’s videos have made a tremendous impact on our brand. The level of creativity and attention to detail they bring to each project is unparalleled. Since incorporating their videos into our marketing strategy, we’ve seen a remarkable improvement in audience engagement and brand recognition.

Steve Tailor


Working with Explainiqy was a game-changer for our brand. Their videos are top-notch in quality and attention to detail. We’ve seen a remarkable boost in audience engagement ever since partnering with them.

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Animated explainer videos are your brand’s secret weapon, transforming complex ideas into engaging visual narratives. Our agency’s expertise lies in crafting captivating animations that captivate your audience and leave a lasting impression. Whether it’s sleek vector animations, dynamic frame-by-frame sequences, or immersive 2D storytelling, our award-winning studio brings your vision to life with unparalleled creativity. And with cutting-edge 3D animation capabilities, we take your brand to new dimensions of impact. In short, partnering with us means harnessing the power of storytelling to propel your brand into the spotlight.

Unlike traditional agencies, we pride ourselves on offering a dynamic blend of live-action and animated videos that set your brand apart. With our collective expertise in the industry, our team is poised to deliver an array of captivating content tailored to your needs. From immersive live-action sequences to mesmerizing animation, we craft narratives that resonate with your audience and elevate your brand’s story to new heights. With us, expect nothing short of excellence in every frame.

The cost of an animated video project is influenced by factors such as animation complexity, video length, and quality standards. While we can’t provide an exact price without understanding your project’s specifics, we offer flexible pricing packages to accommodate various budgets.  If you’re unsure about the best option for your needs, schedule a meeting with us, and we’ll guide you through the process to ensure your project’s success.

We make paying for your project easy. You can use PayPal, Stripe, or a direct bank transfer. We ask for 50% upfront, with the rest due when the project is finished. To kickstart your project, we need some information from you. Here’s what we’re looking for:

  1. A clear description of what you want to achieve with your project.
  2. Details about who your audience is and where you want your video to be seen.
  3. A list of what you need from us, like different versions of the video or translations.
  4. Your timeline for when you need the project to be completed.
  5. An idea of how much you want to spend.
  6. If you’re planning more than one video, let us know what you’re looking for. With this info, we’ll be all set to get started on your project.

The video creation process typically spans 2 to 4 weeks from start to finish. However, for topics requiring extensive research, the timeline may extend beyond this. Thorough research is crucial to crafting a high-quality video that effectively communicates your message. This includes gathering, analyzing, and ensuring the accuracy and engagement of the final product. While it may take longer to complete, the result is a compelling video that resonates with your audience.

We prioritize delivering high-quality, personalized animated videos that meet your needs. While we do not offer refunds for completed projects, we do allow up to two revisions during the production process to ensure your satisfaction with the final product.

Starter Spark Package
  • Animation Type: Whiteboard or Explainer Animation
  • Revisions: 2X
  • Engaging Animation
  • Delivery Time: 3+ Weeks
  • Professional Voiceover
  • High Converting Script
Growth Glow Package
  • Animation Type: Whiteboard or Explainer Animation
  • Revisions: 2X
  • Delivery Time: 4+ Weeks
  • Engaging Animation
  • Professional Voiceover
  • High Converting Script
  • Animated Infographics
Premium Pulse Package
  • Animation Type: Whiteboard or Explainer Animation
  • Revisions: 2X
  • Delivery Time: 8+ Weeks
  • Engaging Animation
  • Professional Voiceover
  • High Converting Script
  • Animated Infographics
  • Advanced Motion Graphics